About That Markies Night

July 6, 2023
Michelle Tan

We did an amazing thing last week. Let’s talk about itThis was us back in early 2022, just over a year ago, sitting on the floor of an empty room, back when the furniture for our very first office hadn’t even arrived.

Fast forward a little, and here we are, the newest kids on the block, sitting pretty as the second most awarded agency for "Overall Media Usage" at the MARKies Awards 2023!

With 2 golds, 1 silver, and 1 bronze – we wrapped the night with 4 awards out of the 9 categories we were nominated for in our very first awards show!

This also made us the most nominated new agency at this year’s edition of the MARKies.

Going from “who” to “Gloo”

In 2022, the founding team was thinking about how we can so social better. Years of delivering solutions in the space has helped us recognise some gaps with the “tried and tested” way we’ve learned to approach social marketing before.

We needed to unlearn to innovate.

We concluded that cookie cutter social was not going to cut it. We needed mould breaking. Silo-ed activations weren’t sensible. We wanted strategic integration.

With this in mind we started laying down our framework for Gloo. The goal was to help clients see social beyond just “social media channels”. Social was a larger, integrated part of digital efforts, with various channels forming a symbiotic, interconnected network that needed to consider organic social, paid media, opinion leaders, brand activations against other more esoteric tangibles like social climate and movements.

Social ≠ Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube

This led us to the concept of a social economy already at play, and how brands needed social currency to establish, drive, thrive and disrupt their respective sectors.

We wanted to be the masters of winning, controlling and deploying this social currency for our clients.

That was over a year ago.

Today, our wins mark our first inroads that prove to ourselves, our clients, and the industry that we’re on the right track.

Amazing Clients + Stellar Team

Of course, our ideas would be nothing more than a pipe dream without some incredible clients. It takes two hands to clap, and in this case; to bring award-winning campaigns to fruition.

The chemistry, trust and synergy will never be something we take for granted.

Of course, it's not just the clients who deserve the credit; it's also our outrageously talented team. I always joke that it takes a special kind of crazy to work in great agencies, but you know what? It's precisely that unique brand of craziness that fuels the creation of extraordinary campaigns. I'm constantly astounded by the brilliance from our small yet mighty team.

I wouldn't change a single thing (or person) about them.

Thank U, Next

Our recent wins have only made us hungrier and more determined than ever. So, stay tuned because we're only getting started.

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